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We received a lot of interest and are grateful to everyone we applied. Check back on our Jobs page or follow @getAbbot on Twitter to see when we are hiring again.

A Serious Business, Inc. (YC S21) is hiring a .NET Core engineer!

We're serious!

A Serious Business, Inc. makes Abbot. Abbot is a programmable bot that turns your team chat into a shared command center. We're taking what we learned about ChatOps when we worked at GitHub to build a platform that makes it easy for everyone to build and use them. To get a deeper sense of what Abbot does and why we believe it's a great tool for distributed and remote teams, watch this interview with Phil Haack, CTO and co-founder of A Serious Business, Inc.

We are looking for a .NET Core engineer to join our team.

The stack

The core product is an ASP.NET core web app (Razor Pages and ASP.NET MVC) written in C# and hosted on Azure. Because we host C# code, we try to stay on the latest version of Roslyn and C#. We'll be moving to C# 10 very soon! We have skill runners that run Python and JavaScript, with plans to add more languages in the future. Our database is PostgreSQL and we access it using Entity Framework Core.

Some of the interesting work we'll be doing:

Important: while we need you to be comfortable working on all of this stuff, we don’t need you to know all of it coming in the door. We're learning as we go too!

Who are we?

We are a bunch of former GitHub employees (Hubbers) who worked together on GitHub Desktop, GitHub for Visual Studio, and other products. We're excited about the potential of Abbot and have a lot of fun working on it. Here's some other things you should know about us.

Who are you?

We’re believers in aptitude and of discovering and developing talent. Regardless of your background, we’re interested in hearing from you; you can’t waste our time.

We are a completely distributed and remote team and plan to stay that way, so that does come with some considerations:


Email and tell us a bit about yourself and one situation where you wrote some code or solved a problem you're proud of.